Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wrought Iron Wedding Gifts

For larger wrought iron items, you can pool resources and purchase a group gift.

Iron is traditionally a gift given for the sixth wedding anniversary, but it can make for a thoughtful wedding gift too. Wrought iron is a versatile medium; whether you go big or small you will find a vast array of items to suit the couple you wish to gift. From household items to things for the garden, wrought iron represents a feature every couple could use more of--strength.


Furniture is a rather personal gift that may not always be welcomed, but it can also make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Smaller furniture items like a coffee table, a bakers rack or a plant stand may even be on a gift registry. For larger items, keep your ears open; if you know the bride and groom are looking for something specific, it might make for a perfect group gift. Larger furniture pieces like a patio set, dining room table and/or chairs or a bench are excellent choices. A signature piece or conversation piece is something the couple will always remember and cherish, as the wrought iron will stand the test of time.

Home Decor

A whole world of wrought iron home decor items are just waiting to be given. The options are numerous, some of which might even be on the wedding gift registry. You will find something to suit every new couple, choosing from trivets, condiment caddies, miniature bakers racks, fruit bowls, mirrors, wall art, sconces, baskets, utensil caddies, wall filing systems and bathroom caddies. Wrought iron garden accessories such as trellises, lanterns and window boxes will accentuate the couple's outdoor decor. Candleholders and candelabras are also a common wrought iron gift item. Not only do they make thoughtful presents; they also supply the ambiance for the newlyweds to have many a romantic candlelit night together.


When choosing sculptural art for a wedding gift, you must consider the couple's style and put your own sense of style aside. If you know the couple really well, you might be able to pick something to add to their home. If you are uncertain, there are a few things you can do. First, you can find a sculpture representing a pair, whether it be a clearly defined couple embracing or something abstract--this will pay homage to their union. The second thing you can do is purchase a gift certificate or gift card from a shop with options for the couple.

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