Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chandelier Lighting Ideas

An antler chandelier is appropriate in a lodge setting.

Chandelier lighting is a beautiful attraction in nearly any room. Contrary to what many think, there is a multitude of chandelier styles. Not all chandeliers are grand and crystal. Many are rustic or modern, while others are simple and feminine. To best determine what type of chandelier will work in your house, consider you current d cor and what will best complement it. Does this Spark an idea?

Old World Style

Old world chandeliers are made up of rustic materials and bring a touch of warmth and ambiance into the room. To get this look, try hanging a dark, wrought-iron chandelier with large bolts, embossing and unique scroll work. Some chandeliers use fake candles topped with candle bulbs. Choose a wrought-iron chandelier holding the fake candles for a rustic style. To give the chandelier a touch of formality, hang a wrought-iron chandelier with stained-glass lampshades.

A Touch of Elegance

Traditional chandeliers are elegant and majestic. To achieve this style, hang a large crystal chandelier with a polished brass finish in a foyer or dining room. For even more detail, hang one that is covered in strings of crystals with crystal teardrop pendants dangling from them.

Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby chic chandeliers complement light and feminine d cor. The shabby chic style is characterized by weathered feminine pieces, so use a chandelier in the same style. A white chandelier with a weathered appearance topped with small, feminine lampshades covering the bulbs is one choice. A small chandelier covered in strings of teardrop pendants adds a touch of femininity to a room as well. Hang a small and weathered pale-pink chandelier with dangling teardrop pendants over a bed or bathtub to create a pretty, relaxing space.

Rustic Lighting

Rustic chandeliers impart a masculine feeling and bring the outdoors in. Hang a large chandelier made of a multitude of twigs in a rustic living room. For an even more rustic look, use a chandelier made to mimic large antlers topped with fake candles and candle bulbs. Hang a grand chandelier made from large, weathered logs over a rustic dining table.

Sleek and Modern

Modern chandeliers are an accompaniment to any modern d cor. Steel and chrome are materials used on many modern chandeliers. Hang a chandelier consisting of steel lines that hang straight down and hold round, glass baubles encircling small bulbs in a living room. Use a chandelier made of strings of mirrors to hang over a modern dining table or a round paper chandelier to hang over a low, modern bed.

A Perfect Fit

Decide what size chandelier is needed for your space. To determine the width of a chandelier, add together the length and width in feet of the room you plan to use it in. This figure equals the width of a chandelier to use, measured in inches. As for height, the chandelier should be long enough to leave a space of 7 feet from the floor to the bottom of the fixture.

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