Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Window Treatments For Enclosed Patios

A screened-in patio is an ideal place to stretch in the morning.

An enclosed patio is an ideal solution for those who desire a shaded and bug-free space for your home. Whether screened-in or glassed-in, an enclosed patio adds valuable square footage to your home and brings in a lot of light. Window treatments are useful for filtering or blocking bright sunlight as well as creating privacy in a not-so-private landscape. Use fabrics that are treated for sun protection to make these window treatments last longer. Does this Spark an idea?

Sleeping Porch

Sleeping porches were often on house corners to take advantage of breezes.

Your enclosed patio may serve as a sleeping porch. These spaces originated around the turn of the 20th century because the prevailing belief was that fresh air helped to alleviate the symptoms of tuberculosis and other respiratory illnesses. If your enclosed patio serves as a bedroom, line the tops of each open space with wooden curtain rods, and hang weather-resistant curtains with grommets or tab tops. Form a constant flow of curtains over the entire open space to make daytime sleeping a possibility.

A Natural Feel

Fishnet window treatments are well suited to a nautical decor.

Hang window treatments in your enclosed patio that bring a natural feel to your decor. Bamboo blinds, linen, matchstick roll-up blinds, unbleached muslin, mosquito netting or natural wood plantation shutters are good choices. Straight panels of fabric held back with roping lends a soft but natural feel to your windows.


Wooden valances cut in an architectural design lend a Victorian feel.

Hang decorative valances in your enclosed patio to keep the light pouring in while adding a framework to your views. Hang a simple one- to two-foot hanging fabric material or a decorative painted wooden valance that is custom-built to frame your windows. Sew a fabric cover for your valance frame, or cover it with bark and twig designs for a rustic feel.

Set the Stage

Heavy fabric is bathed in shadows when the curtains are drawn.

Use red drapes in a heavy silk or velvet fabric on draw rods across a wide window at the patio section that juts out farthest into the yard. Draw the window treatments like stage curtains to reveal the view of your backyard landscape.

A Little Romance

Beaded silk fabric is a romantic choice for patio window treatments.

For an enclosed patio that is a romantic retreat, hang gauzy, flowing window treatments that will flutter in the wind. Fabrics with a sheen will reflect candlelight, adding an extra glow to your space. Lace curtains always add a touch of romance as do fabrics in reds and deep purples. The soft touch of velvet gives a luxurious touch to any space.


Spired wrought iron finials work on curtain rods as well as fence posts.

The hardware you select for your enclosed patio window treatments should have a strong architectural feel that is reminiscent of the outdoors. Black wrought iron in a simple shape, or leafy silhouettes are a good choice. Bamboo or other natural wood poles look attractive with tortoise shell patterned finials. Other appropriate finial shapes are blown glass, leaf patterns and woven wicker spheres.

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