Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Sheets

When it comes to ironing sheets, many people don't find it worth the trouble. Sure, the sheets will be wrinkled after someone sleeps on them, but for some, ironing is a therapeutic activity. Ironing sheets is much like ironing any other laundry of similar fabric, the trick is to have a surface that will facilitate ironing such a large item. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Iron the sheets before they dry. Laundry mavens recommend ironing sheets and bed linens while they are still a little damp. This gets them smoother than waiting until wrinkles have dried in.

2. Don't spare the steam. If sheets are dry when they are ironed, a little steam action can get the wrinkles out well. Steam irons are generally much more effective than the old dry-heat models.

3. Find a surface that accommodates ironing the sheets. The ideal surface would be a large-sized board or a steam-press machine, but you can iron sheets on a regular ironing board, provided you iron one adjacent section at a time and fold the sections over neatly.

4. Make sure there is no plastic or other low-temp materials under the iron. If you seek out a table as a wide surface for ironing, beware the accidental meltdown. Test a section quickly and then monitor the material under the iron to make sure it's not affected by the heat.

5. Store the sheets where they will remain smooth and fresh for use.

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