Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ideas For A Romantic Iron Canopy Bed Design

Wrought iron roses make a romantic bed frame design.

The bed is the central item in any bedroom, and if a romantic theme is preferred, then the bed needs a proper fit of romantic symbols or motifs. There is arguably no other bed as romantic as a canopy bed, with the grandeur of its height and the alluring feeling of the curtains. Iron canopy beds may seem plain at first, but the right design can breathe romance into your room. Does this Spark an idea?


Cupid, the Roman god of love.

According to "Romance Class," Cupid is the Roman god of love. It is believed that those pierced by Cupid's arrow fall in love, so images of Cupid have come to represent love and romance. Traditionally, Cupid is presented as a cherubic angel with a small bow and arrow. Cupid motifs make any bed a romance haven, especially when incorporated into the design of an iron canopy bed. A small cupid in each corner of the bed canopy ensures that each angle is covered by the 'god of love.'


Roses are a common romantic motif.

Roses are a traditional romantic symbol and a beautiful motif to incorporate into the design of an iron canopy bed. The design of the roses can be natural looking or stylized, and repeated around the canopy edge for a romantic touch.


Doves are commonly used to symbolize romance and peace.

Doves are not only a romantic symbol, but also a symbol of peace. Doves used in romantic designs carry in their beaks a love heart, or two doves carry a love heart between them. For a more striking design, use two doves with a radiating heart between them as a bed head. Doves suspended between the canopy poles add a very romantic touch to an iron canopy bed. The silhouette of the iron against the wall also creates a romanticized effect in the bedroom.

Love Hearts

Love hearts are the ultimate symbol of love.

Love hearts are known as the ultimate romantic symbol. Love hearts cascading down the four poles of a canopy bed speak nothing but romance, and will instantly add a romantic feel to any bedroom. Alternatively, a single, giant love heart suspended between the two canopy poles at the head of the bed makes for a picturesque and charming look.


Swans create a love heart with their curved necks and touching beaks.

Swans are particularly romantic birds, as a pair of swans will often sit in the water with their heads and beaks touching, and their necks forming the shape of a love heart. Two sitting swans along the top end of the canopy make for a fairytale-like effect. For something more dramatic, the swans can be placed in the bed head and hung between the two canopy poles.

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