Thursday, May 6, 2010

Change A Baluster From Wood To Iron

Balusters are the wood or metal spindles that run vertically between the stair treads and the handrail of a staircase. You can update the look of a staircase by replacing old wooden balusters with ones made of iron. Start the process by removing the wood balusters. Does this Spark an idea?


Remove Wooden Balusters

1. Cut the wooden balusters in half using a reciprocating saw.

2. Twist and rotate each half of the balusters to loosen the pieces attached to the stair tread and the handrail.

3. Pull out the baluster sections.

4. Remove nails that remain in the tread or handrail with a pair of pliers. If you cannot pull out the nails, you can cut them off with the reciprocating saw.

Cut Iron Balusters to Length

5. Measure the distance from the top of the baluster hole in the tread to the top of the hole in the handrail to determine the length you need for the iron balusters.

6. Add 1 1/4 inches to that measurement for the total length of the balusters. You need this extra length to allow for the holes in the handrail and stair tread.

7. Transfer the measurements to one of the iron balusters with a felt-tip marker.

8. Secure the baluster to a sawhorse using C-clamps.

9. Cut the baluster using a circular saw with a carbide blade.

Installing the Iron Baluster

10. Place the baluster shoe onto the bottom of the iron baluster.

11. Apply epoxy glue to the holes in the handrail and stair tread.

12. Insert the top of the baluster into the hole in the handrail, and slide the bottom into the hole in the stair tread.

13. Center the iron baluster and the shoe with the front of the step to complete the installation.

14. Repeat the process for the remaining balusters.

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