Monday, October 24, 2011

Classy Table Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Sometimes the focus of Halloween becomes campy and childish. While ghosts, witches and bats may be whimsical and festive, they tend to lack the elegant appearance often desired by those holding a dinner party for adults. Fortunately, classy table decorations set out for Halloween can be used to create a table that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. This year, you can use holiday-related items to create a classy atmosphere for your Halloween celebration. Does this Spark an idea?

Fruits of the Holiday

Pumpkins and fall vegetables are inexpensive and colorful.

During the fall holiday season, several vegetable varieties are available for both consumption and decoration. Small pumpkins and other squashes in a variety of colors may be used to create a classy table arrangement for Halloween. Use a medium-sized pumpkin and several smaller-sized gourds to make a grouping in the center of the table, or set a line of very small pumpkins down the table's center. Alternatively, you can group together a variety of the fall vegetables in different sizes to create a natural centerpiece.


A single orange flower adds class to a table for Halloween.

Historically, the color orange has incorporated itself into Halloween decoration ideas. Keeping with this spirit, add classy touch to a table with orange flowers. Place a large group of orange flowers, either silk or real, in a large vase centered on the table. If a vase is not desirable, create small bundles of the flowers tied together with black ribbon and place them alongside place mats or in a line in the center of the table. For a simpler arrangement, a single orange flower might be placed on decorative plates or on top of table napkins.


The dark nature of Halloween lends itself to candlelight. To create a classy table decoration for the holiday, use candles and holders to accentuate the ominous and almost scary feeling of the day. Wrought iron holders are available commercially in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pair the black holders with light orange candles for your centerpiece or place several in various positions along the dining table. Silver or clear candleholders might hold black candles or a combination of orange and black. If you have no intention of lighting the candles, adorn them with matching ribbon.

Tablecloths and Decor

Creating a classy table for Halloween may be as simple as using the right tablecloth. For this spooky holiday, choose a black, lace covering for the table. The lace will imbue the room with an air of class while the black illuminates the nature of the holiday. The dark cloth may be accented with pale orange place mats or plain black plates and napkins. Consider covering chairs with matching lace cloth.

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