Friday, October 14, 2011

Victorian Home Exterior Ideas

What sets off the Victorian home from other styles of homes is the details.

The Victorian period, named after Queen Victoria, conjures up an image of stuffiness and all things proper, yet in fact the opposite is true for colors. Vibrant colors were used to paint homes during this period as exotic flowering plants were displayed on wrought iron stands to showcase them as a prized possession. Detailed moldings and ornamental balusters sets the Victorian period apart. Does this Spark an idea?

A Romantic Pathway to Your Door

A meandering pathway to your front door made of brick or cobblestone will help authenticate your exterior. The pathway should be surrounded by colorful displays of flowers, either planted or hanging on a wrought iron shepherd's hook. Legend has it that exotic plants were brought back from around the world and put on display. BBC Home (see References) lists the various types of exotic plants that were used.

Victorian Era Porches

An ornamental railing encircling your front porch will blend in with the Victorian exterior. Rocking chairs, wrought iron furniture and colorful plants hanging in baskets and in windowboxes help the authenticity. Using ornamental trim, porch columns and brackets that match already existing exterior trim helps it blend in. Front Porch Ideas (see References) has photos of Victorian-style front porches that may inspire you.

Exterior Paint Color Schemes

The Victorian homes are notorious for using bright and frivolous color schemes when painting the exterior. Using a combination of up to three different colors is a common distinction of the Victorian era. Purple was Queen Victoria's favorite color, and it is often used in combination with pinks and blues. Painting the trim, balusters, columns and the fish scale shingles in a variety of hues helps set the Victorian home apart from all other eras. Several paint stores specialize in historical paints that you may want to use.

The Widow's Walk

A widow's walk, or peak, as it is sometimes called, was originally conceptualized so that women could look out to sea waiting for their husbands to come back to them. Victorian homes along coastlines are more prone to have them for obvious reasons. However, wherever your Victorian home is located, the widow's walk would be an authentic addition that allows you a full view of your surrounding area.

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