Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Preservations Can Prevent Rust From Forming

Rust is a common problem in households as it can form on cars, furniture, cookware and other objects. Rust is corrosion that develops on metal and non-metal objects alike. When moisture and water combine with certain elements, rust forms. But there are ways to reduce the buildup of rust formation. Does this Spark an idea?

Time Frame

Rust occurs in different time frames depending on the object affected. Some objects are harder to rust than others, like stainless steel. Objects made of iron, however, can rust quite easily. To prevent extensive rust, the best thing to do is to remove the rust as soon as it appears. Rust that is not removed only spreads and gets worse.

Expert Insight

Oxidation is the scientific term for rust. Rusting is an electrochemical process in which an oxygen molecule combines with other elements to form a new compound---rust. The best way to prevent rust is to apply a rust-resistant coating to the object. Most rust-prone goods are manufactured with a protective coating that wears away over time. Reapplying the protective coating is an important step in preventing rust.


There are factors that can increase the growth rate of rust. High temperatures and high humidity accelerate rust. Exposure to the sun also increases the rate at which rust grows. To reduce rust, keep objects in a cool and dry place. Dry off metal tools, appliances, cars and furniture immediately after use. Keep objects dry to prevent rust from developing.


In some cases, rust removal may be difficult because the rust is not noticeable. Iron creates reddish brown rust, but other metals like chrome or aluminum have silver-colored rust. One way to prevent rust is to examine metal objects on a regular basis to determine whether rust is starting to form. If it is, remove it quickly by scrubbing the object with a scrubbing pad or wire brush.


There are many varieties of rust-resistant paints available. When the paint wears off of an object, repaint it soon. Lubricants also help to reduce rust from forming. The article "Outdoor Furniture" on the Clean Anything website suggests adding paste or liquid wax to the object. The wax protects the item from moisture. For other goods, applying a thin coat of mineral oil can keep rust at bay.

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