Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welding Projects For A Plant Stand

Found metal objects can be used to create a welded metal plant stand.

Creating a plant stand as a welding project requires a design, materials and ingenuity. The plant stand design can be created either before or after the metal has been found or purchased. Found metal welded plant stands are unique, one-of-a-kind objects. Welding plant stand projects can use round or square stock metal, angle iron, sheet metal and found metal objects, such as pipe, gears and other metal items.

Stock Metal

Stock metal plant stands consist of either round stock metal, square stock metal or angle iron. The pieces are cut to the desired length and shape and welded together. The round stock can be annealed by using heat and shaped around a pipe or anvil iron. Stock metal can be used in combination with sheet metal or found objects to create a unique welded plant stand.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal can be cut into various shapes. The shapes can be bent and curled manually if the sheet metal is thin enough. Thicker sheet metal will need to be annealed prior to bending. Sheet metal can be used in combination with stock metal or found objects to form a unique plant stand.

Found Objects

Found metal objects consist of pipe, gears, springs, tools and other items made from metal. The objects are assembled in such a way as to create a welded plant stand. The shape of the found metal objects will determine where they will be placed on the plant stand. Found metal objects can be used in combination with sheet metal or stock metal to weld a one-of-a-kind plant stand.

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