Friday, October 14, 2011

Install Vinyl Mobile Home Skirting

Mobile homes need skirting to protect the underside of the home.

Your mobile home is set on a foundation, which means the underside is open and must be covered. This is what skirting does best. It is installed around the open portion of the home, preventing wind from moving debris into this area. It is a do-it-yourself project that nearly anyone who knows swing a hammer will be able to tackle. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure the distance from your installation point to the ground, and then measure the skirting to ensure it is long enough to reach to the ground. Adjust your installation point accordingly if the skirting will not fit. Usually, the skirting is installed on the bottom of the home on the support beam.

2. Install the mounting rail for the skirting at the height you have determined. This is the piece that connects the skirting to the home. Use a 2-inch galvanized nail and hammer or 2-inch galvanized screws and driver to connect the railing to the home.

3. Place one end of a chalk line along the top of the mounting rail and the other at the other end of the home. Snap the chalk line to create a guide for installing the entire strip of skirting.

4. Install the remaining sections of mounting rails on the home, using your chalk line as a guide. Use a carpenter level on each piece to ensure the mounting rails are plumb.

5. Snap the skirting sheets into the mounting rail guide. Most skirting pieces slide under a lip and lock in place. However, follow your manufacturer's installation instructions as some manufacturers use different types of mounting rails. Repeat this step until the entire length of skirting is installed.

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