Thursday, October 20, 2011

Different Designs Of Beds

When entering a bedroom the eye is immediately drawn to the bed. From the simple to the elaborate, the design and style of bed that you choose for your bedroom can drastically effect the overall decor and feel of your room. The style of bed should not only match your comfort level but your own personal style. Does this Spark an idea?

Futon and Sofa Beds

First seen in Japan, futon beds are designed to save space. The East inspired the Western culture, with several variations throughout the years. The futon was only a thin mattress that could be easily rolled away. In Western culture, futons incorporated a light and simple frame, made of either wood or wrought iron.

A sofa bed is also known as a hide-a-bed or sleeper sofa. Sofa beds are engineered to fold into the base of a sofa and transform a love seat or sofa into a bed. The main purpose for this type of bed is to allow for family or visiting guests to a place to stay overnight.

Platform and Canopy Beds

Those looking for a bed that is stylish yet simple may be drawn to a platform bed. Platform beds are plain beds made of either wood or metal without a footboard or a headboard. They are closer to the floor than the average bed.

Canopy beds or four-poster beds tend to be very elaborate. Canopy beds are more common in the United Kingdom. A canopy frame, which is the same size and shape of the bed, is attached to the four posts and typically is decorated with drapes. Canopy beds come in sizes ranging from single to king.

Murphy and Bunk Beds

Murphy beds were created to cope with the lack of space in small apartments. Murphy beds can easily be folded into a closet or wall when not in use. Murphy beds come in two types; one that can be folded into an attached closet and the other folded away into a wall.

Bunk beds are a very practical bedroom solution for teens and kids. Bunk beds are typically two or three beds. There are many safety issues when it comes to the height of bunk beds. A variation to the bunk bed is the loft bed. The difference with a loft bed is the lower space is used for a purpose other than sleeping, like a study desk or for extra storage.

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