Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make Cushions For Wicker Furniture

Making wicker cushions at home is comfortable and cost effective.

Wicker is suitable for outdoor furniture because it is durable and withstands natural elements. However, it is hard, requiring the need for padding to make the seating more comfortable. Make cushions for the furniture yourself instead of spending large sums of money on store-bought ones. Select fabrics with attractive textures and patterns that stand out, while complementing the hue of the wicker piece. Give preference to weather-resistant covers that serve as a long-term investment because of their ability to withstand the sun's rays and rain, especially if the furniture is outside. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Cover the back and seat pad of the wicker chair with pieces of muslin to determine the shapes of the cushion. Carefully trace the outline of each cushion on the muslin, using the natural form of the furniture as the muslin drapes over it. The muslin pieces serve as the patterns for the cushions.

2. Lift the muslin from the chair. Draw lines over the trace marks to make them more prominent before cutting each with scissors.

3. Place the 2-inch-thick foam over the muslin form. Center it properly and cut along the edges using a utility knife.

4. Place each muslin cushion form over a decorative fabric folded width-wise in half. Center it so it rests evenly over the fabric. Pin the muslin to the fabric with straight pins so it remains in place. Add 2 inches to the overall shape to make allowances for seam and foam width before cutting it with scissors, so you have two identical pieces for the sides of one cushion. Remove the pins.

5. Turn the fabric pieces for each cushion inside out and sew three sides together. Sew another to give the cover a second stitch for additional security, 1/4-inch outward from the previous one. Snip off loose thread and raw edges, and turn the cover so the right side faces out.

6. Cover your foam for each cushion in cotton batting. Insert it into the cover through the open end, aligning its corners so they correspond snugly to the corners in the cover. Sew the cover by hand with a needle and matching thread.

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