Monday, October 17, 2011

Create Christmas Decor With A Theme

One of the most dramatic ways to decorate your home for Christmas is to choose a color theme. A favorite combination is red and white with silver or gold accents. To do this, choose predominantly red and white items for your decor, but add as many accent pieces as you desire. Think of all the ornaments, accessories and decorations you already have in red and white that would be appropriate for your Christmas tree, stairway, fireplace mantle, dining room table, and the front door. A common color thread running through all your decor will unify your festive look. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Gather red and white items together and take inventory. Look through your Christmas ornaments, garlands, accessories, candlesticks, and collectibles such as angels, Santas, and snowmen. Even red picture frames can add to your holiday theme with family Christmas pictures. Snowflake ornaments and white balls will act as counterpoint to your red items. Fill in with purchases as needed.

2. Choose a snowy white Christmas tree. Decorate it with red, shiny ornaments and satiny bows. Fill in with white and gold or silver snowflake ornaments, angels and stars. Use additional garlands in gold or silver, and strings of red beads. String artificial red berries to make your own garland.

3. To adorn the stairway, use a fresh pine or artificial garland. Drape it in generous loops on the banister. Make only two or three curves on your stairway. More frequent scallops may give you a cluttered and heavy look. Catch each loop up with a giant red or white bow. Leave long ribbons trailing. Add "picks" such as you find at craft stores with clusters of small ornaments in red and white.

4. Decorate the mantle using a red and white mantle scarf, hung with candy canes, icicles or snowflakes. If you prefer a simpler treatment, just group three candlesticks using red, white or candy cane candles to carry out your theme. Frame favorite holiday pictures in red easel frames. Display them on the mantle.

5. Choose a tablecloth. If you're using a white cloth, gather as many red serving pieces, place settings of china and goblets as possible. A grouping of sparkling red trees is the correct size for a centerpiece. Use white or silver candlesticks with red candle tapers. Old wrought iron or wooden candlesticks can be sprayed ceramic red or white.

6. Display your nativity scene or other tableau on an occasional table. Place a small table in the foyer or under the stairway garland. This will make a showcase. Use a table runner made to carry out your red and white theme. Create a long panel of white felt. Narrow each end in a V shape with contrasting fringe or tassels sewn on.

7. Adorn the front door, porch and steps. For the door, buy a basic grapevine wreath or a fresh pine one. Spray on artificial snow, add white and silver leaves, silk poinsettias, or snowflake ornaments. Add a big red bow. Floral picks come in handy in wreath making.

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