Monday, October 17, 2011

Mount A Trellis To Stucco Without Drilling

Accent your stucco wall with a metal trellis.

A trellis serves a decorative and functional purpose in your landscape. It allows you to grow climbing plants on it and adds a decorative structure to the space. Do not let stucco walls on the exterior of your home discourage you from mounting a trellis against the side of the house. A wrought iron or copper trellis would create a stunning accent for the stucco exterior. Instead of drilling into the stucco and installing masonry anchors, you can simply use masonry nails. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Position the trellis against the side of the house where you would like to install it. Push the base of the trellis into the ground with your hands to the depth of the bottom stakes on the trellis.

2. Hold a level vertically against the center post of the trellis. Adjust the trellis so that it is level. Have a helper hold the trellis level until you fasten it to the wall.

3. Slide a masonry nail through each mounting hole in the trellis. Hammer the nails into the stucco surface with a hand-drilling hammer to fasten the trellis to the stucco wall.

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