Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Are Longaberger Baskets

The Longaberger Company, an American craft company, was founded in 1973 by Dave Longaberger, based on his family's affinity for making baskets. The company, located in Dresden, Ohio, is the foremost handcrafted basket company in the U.S. In addition to baskets, the company sells Woven Traditions Pottery and ceramics; Comfort Food; Sisters Purses; wrought iron pieces, basket protectors and liners; fabric accessories and home d cor items.

Quality Products Created by Artisans

Longaberger baskets are durable and good-looking, and they are handmade by artisans. The products are sold by Longaberger Consultants. They are also available online and at their store in Columbus and their homestead in Dresden. Longaberger baskets are constructed out of select maple hardwood and are signed by the basket-maker. Originally, the baskets made by the Longaberger family were created for local farmers and a pottery factory. In addition, the Longabergers created Easter baskets for children in the Dresden, Ohio community and laundry and marketing baskets for homemakers, notes


Thousands of Longaberger home consultants sell the Longaberger wares at home shows. The company provides its consultants with guidance, a collection of quality products and the necessary tools. Consultants receive a commission, monthly sample discounts, a free website and bonuses based on sales. Incentives, recognition and trips are also given to those consultants who do well. To become a Longaberger consultant you must invest initially in a starter kit, which includes the home consultant agreement; guest order forms, brochures; wish lists; flyers; show invitations and a notebook. The Business Basics Kit costs quite a bit more, but you can pay for it over a six-month period. The Business Builder Kit is the most expensive, but it too can be paid for over six months.


You can host Longaberger show in your home, which earns you bonus offers and free hostess dollars. If you host a party and sell a certain amount of products, you earn hostess dollars as well as two selections at half-price and free shipping and handling.

Damaged Baskets

If you have a basket that has been damaged and needs repair, contact a home consultant or send your basket to the Longaberger Company. Include a basket restoration form, which can be found on the Longaberger website.

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