Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cool Ideas For Rustic Interior Decoration

A stone fireplace is often the focal point of a rustic room.

Whether decorators appreciate the Old World style or an earthy vibe, rustic design gives people both richness and comfort. Some rustic interiors are masculine and woodsy, while others have a light, Mediterranean feel. Nature inspires the colors of rustic design, such as earthy reds, browns, tans, creams, sage greens and ocean blues. From there, the versatility of rustic decor makes designing a matter of personal taste. Does this Spark an idea?

Focal Pieces

Rustic focal pieces can draw people's attention and enrich a space. They can also serve as inspiration for the rest of the room. For the dining room, Home and Garden Television (HGTV) recommends a bouquet of flowers and berries, a white tree branch sculpture or wooden and metallic balls to liven up the table. Large Italian-style vases in earthy greens complement a living room by HGTV designer David Bromstad. Meanwhile, Martha Stewart recommends floating roses in rustic brown bowls for an outdoor wedding, but they work just as well in a rustic home.


Many rustic interiors featured on HGTV have stone fireplaces. In one renovation, designers replace an old-fashioned brick fireplace with a sleek, outdoorsy stone fireplace in a master bedroom. If brick needs to stay, placing a rustic wooden mantel can incorporate the rustic look; HGTV designer David Bromstad takes a box cutter to the wooden mantel to give it a distressed look. For an even more individualized fireplace idea, decorators can place a stone fireplace in the kitchen to roast s'mores and meat--a camping experience in the comfort of a rustic kitchen.

Furniture Ideas

In rustic design, wood furniture is usually either painted dark colors or given a roughed-up look. HGTV recommends scratching and denting an old piece of furniture with tools, then blow torching it and staining it for a distressed finish. Ceramic tile and wrought iron furniture also have rustic appeal. Incorporating a mosaic tile or stenciling on furniture--such as a kitchen tabletop or the back of a chair--can give furniture a rustic Mediterranean feel.

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