Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Decorative Kitchen Tools

This vintage coffee grinder can take the place of a decorative bowl.

Whether your kitchen is stock or made-to-order it can be decorated stylishly with your ordinary kitchen tools. Everyday kitchen tools are created for specific functions but also come in an array of colors and styles to enhance the aesthetics of the item. These kitchen additions create themes and nuances without much work. You may already have some of these simple tools in your kitchen and haven't realized the potential of items such as your vintage coffee grinder. Does this Spark an idea?


Decorative trivets can be hung to add dimension to a theme.

Though a trivet has the simple function of minimizing damage to surfaces from hot dishes; this kitchen tool has endless decorating possibilities. Due to an abundance of styles and colors it dresses up counters and table tops easily. A bold black, red and white color scheme can be accented by hanging wrought iron trivets along the backsplash or placed along the kitchen bar with red candles atop.


This colander serves its purpose but can be used for creative decorating.

Colanders are practical for straining foods, but when it comes to home decor, nothing changes its look like a pop of color. Colanders are available in an array of colors such as red, burgundy, yellow, seafoam green, depending on the brand. Replacing your table's centerpiece with a colored colander creates a point of interest, especially if a blue colander contains contrasting-colored fruits such as tangerines, cherries and bananas are added. Or, you can line your blue colander with landscaping plastic and add bright flowers.

Vintage Coffee Pot

Add functional items in bold colors to create points of interest.

Your morning cup of joe may come from an electric coffee maker, but when it comes to decorating, the addition of a vintage porcelain coffee pot changes the ambiance of the kitchen or dining area. Placing the coffee pot in a nook or on a corner table makes for an interesting conversation piece.

Hanging Wine-Glass & Wine Racks

Hanging wine-glass racks saves room and adds beauty to your kitchen.

Hanging wine glasses to create space has never been so easy thanks to the wine-glass-rack choices on the market. Racks are available in wood, wrought iron and polished metals, as well as in numerous designs such as chain hanging racks, beverage shelves and combinations of wine/glass racks. Strategically hang or mount the wine-glass rack in an area of the kitchen with easy accessibility. Add stylish colored wine glasses and a flowing plant to create the focal point in your kitchen.

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