Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mediterranean Room Ideas

Blue and white can evoke imagery of the Mediterranean coast.

In the Mediterranean region, homes have an open, breezy feeling that creates a sense of blending in with the natural surroundings. Even if you don't live on the coasts of Italy or Greece, you can capture the Mediterranean style with a few elements or a major design overhaul. Does this Spark an idea?

Blue and White

If your idea of a perfect Mediterranean home is a cottage on the coast of Greece, go with a blue and white decor scheme to bring the breeze and light into your house. Start with a white base, using the color on the walls, furniture and curtains. Set off the white with bright blue accents; together, the two colors will make the most of the natural light and set an open, breezy atmosphere. Use blue accents sparingly: in accent pillows, rugs, in the pattern of an art print or in smaller items like coasters and vases. Go with sheer white curtains to let in the light and create a glow in the room.

Rustic Wood

One of the hallmarks of many Mediterranean homes is the presence of aged, weathered wood. To create the sense of passing years, use rustic wood elements to decorate your home. You can add exposed wooden beams to the ceiling for a dramatic touch, or stick with more affordable pieces like a natural wooden table or a countertop made of reclaimed timber. Look for wooden furniture that has a deep, worn look, as though the piece has been in your house for centuries. Choose elements with a simple design to maximize their impact.

Natural Colors

In the Mediterranean region, homes often use decor that reflects the natural surroundings. Give your home an earthy feeling by using colors like blue, green or lavender. Work in elements of terracotta to evoke imagery of tiled roofs, or choose a base of earth tones that sets a calm, cozy mood in your home. For a natural look, use a neutral color palette accented with pops of color.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron elements, with their mixture of functionality and beauty, can give your home a Mediterranean flair, particularly when paired with wooden furniture. Look for elements like wrought iron coffee tables or chandeliers to add drama to a home, or go with a less obvious wrought iron mirror frame or candle sconce. Even one or two iron pieces in your home can give it the sense of age and history that is common in the Mediterranean.

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