Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Decorate A Threetiered Glass End Table

A decorative hand fan works well in a tiered glass end table.

Adding decor to a three-tiered glass end table provides it with texture and color. Decorating this type of table requires layering to avoid a cluttered appearance. Glass end tables are a wise purchase if the room is small, since the objects on the tiers seem to float in mid-air. This helps avoid a cramped look in the room and makes use of vertical space. Glass end tables also enhance a contemporary theme, since they often have metal or wrought-iron legs and hardware. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Build the decorative effect of the three-tiered glass table by placing the largest or heaviest object on the bottom shelf. Try not to hide this piece with other decor on the other two shelves.

2. Pick a large, flat or shallow object for the center of the bottom shelf, particularly if the end table shelves are only a few inches apart. A decorative coffee table book, a colorful pottery bowl or placing a rattan hand fan on the bottom shelf works well. Another option is to lay an ornamental wreath on the bottom shelf.

3. Stagger objects on the middle shelf so they do not detract from the decor on the bottom. For instance, place a small, short figurine on each end to allow the viewer to see the large object below. Position objects diagonally to add interest. Other options are short pillar candles in holders that are porcelain or crystal. This accentuates the sparkly glass end table.

4. Reserve the top shelf of the glass end table for an attractive crystal, metal-toned or slender lamp. This enhances the translucent look for this piece of furniture. If the area doesn't require a lamp, use a bud vase with a silk calla lily, orchid or a tall, narrow sculpture. This works well with the contemporary or simplistic style of the end table.

5. Invest in coasters for the end table. Try to find ones that have a sleek, shiny look, such as 4-inch marble tiles with felt on the bottom. Glass end tables show water rings from beverage glasses quickly.

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