Monday, April 26, 2010

Hang Glass Wall Candle Holders

Glass candle holders can be hung on the wall to either adorn or illuminate by the use of sconces. A sconce is a candle holder that is mounted onto the wall with nails and screws. It comes in a variety of designs, made up of anything ranging from wrought-iron to glass. The appealing element about wall sconces is that it adds an elegant and almost romantic element to the interior of a house. Hanging wall candle holders is a quick way to spruce up the decor of a house. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Clear an area. Pick a wall to hang the glass candle holders. Since candles have an active flame, be sure to pick a wall free of clutter or any flammable materials such as drapes or curtains. Also pick a wall away from children, pets and a lot of activity as the glass candle holders may break easily.

2. Measure the placement of the candles. Though there are no set rules on placing candles, it is generally a good idea to place sconces 3/4 up the wall. This is a perfect placement to ensure that the lighting will sufficiently illuminate the space without harming to the ceiling or creating safety hazards by placing it too low within reach of children or where it can easily fall onto the floor.

3. Hang the glass candle holders. The glass candle holders or sconces, will be hung by being mounted directly onto the wall. Simply use nails, screws, hammer and a drill to hang the sconce. The size and quantity of the nail and screws may increase as the complexity or weight of the sconce increases.

4. Place a candle. Pick a candle proportionately sized with the scone and place it into the holder. Blow out the candles when not in use to conserve the wax.

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