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Fence & Gate Entryway Ideas

Fence & Gate Entryway Ideas

Fence and gate entryways serve as portals between two different outside areas, such as between your home's front and backyard, or between a garden and surrounding lawn. There are several ideas that you can use to make your fence or gate entryway a functional and beautiful part of your home's exterior landscape. These include choosing between different building materials and construction designs, as well as experimenting with lighting, color and decorations. Does this Spark an idea?

Wrought Iron & Stone

According to, one entryway idea for your fence or gate is to use wrought iron railings suspended between a pair of stone columns. This stylish entryway will give your space an open and inviting feel. The above source recommends framing the columns with brightly colored flowers and adding slate stepping-stones leading up to them.

Rustic Entryway

For a more rustic look, try incorporating tall, wooden doors into your entryway design. Don't bother applying a stain or other protective coating, simply let the weather provide a natural finish. Unlike wrought iron designs, solid wood door entryways help create a private, as opposed to inviting, space. recommends hanging hurricane lights or lanterns on either side of your entryway as a way to enhance the rustic atmosphere.


Incorporating an arch that spans from one side of your entryway to the other is both an aesthetically pleasing and functional idea. According to, for gate and door systems that utilize knobs, latches, and/or locks, displacement in the underlying soil can cause these devices to become misaligned. An archway serves as a frame that keeps the sides of the gate properly aligned, while also being fun to look at and walk under.


To help make your fence or gate entryway a focal point in your landscape design, recommends incorporating bright, vibrant colors. You can do this by infusing your entryway with flowers and other plants, or even by painting it. Another option for bringing in colors is to decorate your entryway with lawn ornaments, such as garden gnomes or a welcome sign.

Lighting recommends using electric spotlighting for your entryway if it is a high traffic area (such as if its between your home's front door and your driveway). For a relatively unfrequented entryway, such as one in a garden, try lining the area leading up to it with outdoor, solar-powered lights. These lights charge during the day and automatically turn on at night providing a soft glow.

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