Monday, April 19, 2010

Install Screws In Iron Balusters

Iron balusters are made of wrought iron, which is a fairly soft metal. It is easy to drill through with a standard metal cutting drill bit, and also easy to insert screws into if they are of the self-tapping or thread-cutting variety. Any hardware store will carry an assortment of screws and drill bits, and many times you can find a bit with screws together in a kit, so there is no guessing about which drill bit works with what screw. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Insert your drill bit into the drill and make sure it is tight.

2. Begin drilling slowly through the baluster, using the variable speed function to increase speed once the drill bit bites.

3. Drill all the way through and pull out. Change the drill out with the screwdriving bit.

4. Spray lube into the drilled-out hole, then insert the self-tapping screw inside. Spray the threads with more lube.

5. Press the drill with the driving bit firmly against the self-tapping screw, and using the lowest possible speed, begin to drive the screw into the wrought iron. Go as slow as possible and allow the screw threads to cut into the wrought iron.

6. Drive the screw all the way in, and once this has been done, treat this like any other threaded screw hole.

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