Monday, February 7, 2011

Antique Nursery Ideas

Cradle with an antique look

To give an infant's nursery an antique look, antique reproduction furniture may be used in conjunction with real antique décor. Polished wrought-iron with mahogany hardwoods and authentic vintage artwork create a look that is timeless and elegant. Does this Spark an idea?

Selecting the Perfect Crib

Buying a crib that is an antique reproduction may be a good idea to eliminate the possibility of lead paint contamination.

Round cribs are an excellent choice for adding a touch of stately, old-world flair. Most commonly made out of wood which is stained dark or painted white, they may also be manufactured from wrought iron.

In choosing a round crib, a luxurious option is the Frette wrought iron round crib from Jen Klair Kids. Available in several different finishes, this crib may be an excellent choice for those who are thinking of purchasing a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations. Warm colors pair well with a rust or antique gold finish. A white powdered sugar finish may complement traditional nursery colors such as pale blues and pinks quite well.


There are many storage options that will work well with an antique theme. An old chest can become a home to baby's first toys and blankets. Authentic antique wooden dressers may be purchased and either refinished, painted white or designed with a crackle finish.

Beautiful new antique reproductions can be purchased at The Bombay Company. The Essex Highboy is a choice that works well with both warm and cool colors. Two large, two medium and three small drawers provide an ample amount of storage space for baby's clothing and linens.

Color, Lighting and Decor

Many colors will work well with an antique nursery. Whether your colors are warm and rich or soft pastel, choosing a paint that has a matte, eggshell finish will give more of an antique look to the walls. If hardwood floors exist in the nursery, antique rugs that match the chosen color scheme are appropriate.

An antique or reproduction mini crystal chandelier may look chic centered above a round crib of any style. The light should be connected to a dimmer switch to allow you to get around the room late at night. Authentic antique lamps with frosted glass that produce soft lighting are an appropriate choice for an antique-themed nursery.

Consider purchasing genuine vintage prints when choosing artwork to decorate the nursery. Locating antique illustrations or reproductions depicting traditional nursery rhymes is fairly easy to do online. Choose artwork that has personal meaning or that simply matches the chosen color scheme.

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