Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Longaberger Pottery Ideas

A Longaberger pitcher makes an easy, casual vase for cut flowers.

If you've collected some Longaberger Pottery pieces, then you're already familiar with their beauty and craftsmanship. With their vibrant colors, sculptural shapes and rich glazes, it's a shame to keep your Longaberger pottery stored away in the cupboard. However, there's no need to wait until a holiday occasion or family dinner night to use your Longaberger Pottery. You can cleverly and easily incorporate some pieces into your everyday decorating scheme and show them off on a daily basis. Does this Spark an idea?

As a Vessel for Cut Flowers

If you own a larger, taller Longaberger Pottery piece, such as a pitcher, you can use it as a vessel for cut flowers. Nothing says farmhouse fresh like a large bunch of mixed flowers spilling out of a water pitcher. You can use a more shallow piece, such as a contour bowl, with floral foam to create a more formal flower arrangement.

Wall Art

Plates, shallow bowls and serving trays can be hung on the wall as unexpected art pieces. Whether you group them monochromatically or in an abundance of mixed colors, these pieces easily hold their own as true works of art. A collection of all-white pieces in an artful arrangement can look stunning on a boldly colored wall. Likewise, a group of brightly colored plates in an assortment of colors will bring life to a basic white wall. Serving pieces look especially eye-catching when they are hung in groups, and work well over a buffet, headboard, hall table or even a sofa.

Coffee Table Decor

There's no need to wait for Thanksgiving's mashed potatoes to use your Longaberger vegetable serving bowl. Fill one of these lovely bowls with fruit, nuts, candy, seashells, glass ornaments, pine cones or fossils and set it on your coffee table for an instant accent in your living room. Add a pretty table runner and stack up a few classic books, and you've just created a complete coffee table vignette.

Ideas for Smaller Pieces

You can put even smaller Longaberger Pottery pieces to daily use. Try using a coffee mug in the bathroom as a toothbrush holder, with a saucer as a matching soap dish. A small soup or cereal bowl can be placed on the front hall table as a catchall for keys and loose change. Oblong casserole dishes are perfectly sized to hold mail, bills and grocery lists, and are an attractive way to store these items on the kitchen counter.

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