Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuscan Kitchen & Living Room Design Ideas

Tuscan home design uses the rolling Italian countryside as inspiration.

Inspired by the rolling Italian countryside, Tuscan design consists of hand-painted ceramics, Italian art and rustic farmhouse style. Tuscan design adds a certain richness and natural beauty to any kitchen or living room. Italians consider the kitchen an extremely important room, used for socializing and entertaining as well as cooking. Add some Tuscan design ideas to your rooms to create a functional, cozy space for preparing food, eating and relaxing. Does this Spark an idea?

Tuscan Mural Backsplash

Add a touch of Italian rustic charm to your kitchen with a mural backsplash. Look for painted mural tiles depicting a typical Tuscan scene, such as an Italian farmhouse or a field with a castle in the background. The mural will become a focal point in your kitchen, so place it behind the stove or the sink, whichever is the most visible. If you have a mural backsplash, any remaining backsplash behind the counter tops should be plain, or it will detract attention from your masterpiece. Another option is to paint your own mural on plain tile using tile paint.


Changing the flooring in your kitchen and living room can add to the Tuscan atmosphere. Typical Tuscan flooring choices include stone, marble, terra cotta, slate, hardwood and mosaic tile. Choose your flooring based on your everyday needs and your color scheme. A mosaic tile floor works best with neutral cabinets and counter tops. Wood floors work well with most colors and styles and are easy to maintain. Area rugs in the living room help tie in the floor with the room's decor.


A large, wooden farmhouse-style table in a large kitchen adds a hint of Tuscany without overdoing it. For a more eye-catching kitchen table, look for a wooden table with mosaic tiling in the center or around the edges. Chairs and occasional tables in dark wood and wrought iron are typically Tuscan. For an elegant addition to the living room, find a velvet cushioned chaise lounge with a wrought-iron frame or claw feet.


Typical Tuscan color schemes are neutral with one or two splashes of color. Kitchen cabinets and living room furniture in deep brown or tan form a base for the color palette. Rusty fall colors such as burnt orange, rich gold and deep red add a touch of subtle color while staying within the color family. The occasional olive-green or deep-blue painting, frame or dish set adds a colorful accent and brightens up the room.

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