Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Find Transvestite Social Circles

Everyone likes to hang with like-minded people. Straight and gay people don't always understand the issues and concerns of the transvestite community. So if you move to a new city or are just tired of your regular group of friends, there are a number of ways you can find transvestite social circles. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Ask around. If you meet another transvestite in a social or work environment, casually ask the person where you might find others who share your lifestyle. While some transvestites may be in the closet and not willing to share information with you, odds are that he will be more than happy to point you towards some fun locations.

2. Go to gay or lesbian bookstores and look at the bulletin boards. Most independent bookstores provide a place for groups to hang announcements of their meeting times and places.

3. Avoid ads or blogs that are strictly sexual. They can draw a crowd that may be dangerous or unappealing. You may find more trouble than friendships or camaraderie through those kinds of sites and classifieds.

4. Use online sites such as the few listed below that are more intellectual and socially oriented for groups that will be safer for you to attend for the first time. Once you go to a group, you can get a better idea of the members and decide, in a safe environment, if you want to stay and participate with the social circle there.

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