Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Find The Value Of Vintage Woodard Daisy Pattern Patio Furniture

When it comes to pricing that antique Woodard patio set, you don't want to entrust a family heirloom to any Joe off the street. It's important to find someone who will give you an honest and accurate estimate, especially if you need to get rid of some antique furniture to pay bills or make the move to a smaller house.


1. Take some pictures of your patio furniture with a digital camera, being sure to zoom in on any serial or model numbers. These numbers are usually located on the bottom of the seat and/or table when you turn the furniture over.

2. Locate a certified appraiser in your area using the International Society of Appraisers' (ISA) search engine available online.

3. Make a checklist of things you need to ask an appraiser if you find one in your area. The ISA website posts a document listing seven questions you should ask your appraiser, information that a competent appraisal should contain, as well as when to not accept an appraisal.

4. Contact Vintage Swank, an online collector and retailer of vintage clothing and furniture, if there isn't an appraiser in your area. You can reach them via email 24/7 to send pictures to them for an online appraisal.

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