Friday, February 4, 2011

Decorative Iron Accessories

Iron accessories can be used to decorate the home, lawn and garden. They are typically made from wrought iron, cast iron or steel. The materials differ in how they are processed and their carbon content. This affects their strength and durability while their appearance may appear to be the same. Cast iron is the most durable type of iron and the least susceptible to rust. Does this Spark an idea?

Home Accents

Iron accessories can give a room a vintage or other-worldly touch. Provide a living room 18th-century charm with a glass or marble coffee table supported by curvy wrought-iron legs. A cast-iron pot holder embossed with the image of a grapevine gives a kitchen the ambiance of an Italian villa. A cast-iron fireplace screen accented by decorative swirls and arches evokes the feel of a medieval castle.

Lawn Accents

Iron products look natural, historic and stand up well to the elements. An elegant iron lantern casting a gentle light will give your yard a European allure. For the air of a royal courtyard, install iron steps leading to a stone fountain adorned with trailing ivy and roses. An iron bench offers a lovely spot to read a book, sip tea or nestle with a lover.

Garden Accents

Iron accessories instantly establish a theme. Iron planters containing blue water lilies impart an Egyptian flair. Iron candle holders hovering above flowers give your garden a mystic, ethereal appeal. Iron trellises covered with climbing hydrangeas or morning glories lend your garden a romantic touch.

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