Friday, May 20, 2011

About Ornate Metal Wall Decor

An ornate stand and pounded metal plate become a focal point.

Ornate metal as an art form has been around for thousands of years, often used in functional ways as stair railings and for protection in window grilles. With the advent of new techniques to this ancient art form, it's now easier than ever to have a one-of-a-kind piece that expresses your individual taste, be it contemporary or classic. With today's lavish colors, rich texture and graceful scroll work, metal art can lend a modern sophistication to any room. A large metal art piece has a greater impact than a painting and will quickly become the focal point of any room. Does this Spark an idea?


Wrought iron was first used in fences and railings and for protection.

What began thousands of years ago with an anvil, a forge and some hot metal has been resurrected into a contemporary art form with the advent of new techniques and equipment. Now, people who work with metal are not just blacksmiths but true artisans. Whether a home is Spanish in design or a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired contemporary, there's a piece of ornate metal art that's perfect for the walls.


Today's metal wall decor can combine two different metals.

Today's metal wall decor can be forged from traditional iron, copper, bronze, aluminum or any other metal. It can be a heavy piece of old metal or a whimsical piece that weighs less than ten pounds.


Iron rose painted with an aged red color for a spectacular effect

The color variety of today's metal art is virtually unlimited, with the different types of metal each bringing their own patina. But today's wrought iron goes beyond that, with paints that can be applied to the metal. Gold leaf or stained glass are also added to wrought iron for a stunning effect.

Create Your Own

Turn a fireplace screen into a piece of unusual wall art.

By using a little creativity, you can create your own masterpiece of modern art. Think outside the traditional use of an item. Ornate metal trays and plates can be mounted on the wall. Fireplace screens with the feet removed are particularly striking as wall art. Abstract metal wall art can be paired with traditional furniture to create a different look.

Bring the Outdoors In

Carry the ornate metal look inside.

Traditional wrought iron used in the patio or garden can be brought indoors and used as wall art. Planters, wind chimes and a large trellis can be combined to liven up an indoor space. Carry the metal theme through by adding a metal bench for a pulled-together look.

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