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What Is A French Chandelier

What is a French Chandelier?

A French chandelier is a decorative addition to a room. French chandeliers are usually installed on high ceilings and act as a centerpiece for the ceiling. Compared to English chandeliers, which are designed with multiple glass drops, the wrought iron component is more emphasized in the French chandelier. A French chandelier not only serves as a lighting fixture for the room, it also serves as a conversation starter and a complex decor that draws people in. Does this Spark an idea?


French chandeliers were made with iron and candles in medieval times. In 17th-century France, chandeliers were lavish decorations for royalty like Louis XIV. In the 18th and 19th centuries, chandeliers were manufactured in different sizes to fit in people's houses. Crystals, beads and flowers were added to the design, making the chandelier look more opulent.

Famous French Chandeliers

French chandeliers are popular in literature and in historical buildings. In the novel "Phantom of the Opera," the chandelier played a key role as a symbol of the phantom's wrath. Another famous chandelier is the French Empire wood chandelier in the Red Room of the White House.


French chandeliers are made of iron that is carefully crafted to curve, framing the light. As opposed to other types of chandeliers, where chains make up the body, French chandeliers look like a bouquet with iron stems spreading out to expose the light bulbs. The number of light bulbs varies, but there are usually six or more.

Expert Insight

One of the best known chandelier companies in France is Baccarat. Nowadays, modern French chandeliers are often made of different materials like porcelain and glass, but the classic French country style remains made of intricately designed iron. Due to the complexity of creating a French chandelier, replacement parts are expensive.

Materials and Colors

French chandeliers can also be made of antiqued bronze ornamented by cut glass droplets. They offer a sophisticated and luxurious feel to a room. They can also be gilded and paired with other ornaments in the room, from drawers to desks to mirrors.

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