Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funky Furniture Ideas

Even if you put a table cloth on it, it's not a conversation piece but a piece of trash.

Not every piece of furniture in around your home has to have been created specifically to furnish. Of course, that's not to say that an old toilet should be used as a planter in your front yard, or a rusty washing machine drum can serve as a fire pit in the backyard. There is a clear line between objects d' art and junk. If you can find collectibles that do not call to mind domestic grunge and rework them a bit, you create something artistic and practical for your home. Does this Spark an idea?

The Living Room

One of these would make the perfect coffee table.

Daybeds, when covered with tight-fitting mattress covers in upholstery fabric, make really comfortable couches. You can also use a large porch swing, suspended from a beam in your living room, as a couch. Load it with comfortable pillows and it will be the best seat in the house. An old door makes an interesting coffee table. Wood blinds make a funky room divider. Use an antique buffet for an entertainment center. Simply drill cord holes in the back with an auger bit.

The Kitchen

These wrought iron tables look even better spray painted in lime green.

Check around your community for restaurant auctions. Sometimes you can get great upholstered benches. Put one of these along your dining room wall. Add a table and some chairs on the other side. Outside furniture works well for inside, too, like an antique wrought iron patio set used as a bistro table. If you need a sideboard pick up an old TV in a wooden cabinet and paint it a bright color. You can pop out the screen and add a shelf. That makes a whimsical display and storage area underneath. Non-working refrigerators from the 1950's also make great shelving.

The Bedroom

Now you have a place for all those vintage hats you've been collecting.

Just about anything flat can be re-purposed as a headboard. Wrought iron gates look amazing but don't bump your head on them. If you don't want a headboard consider a display, like hat hooks on the wall behind your bed that display your vintage hat collection. You can use an old tin TV tray for a nightstand, unless you need a place to store books. In that case, a child's wood desk looks cute and usually lifts up for more storage underneath. Or, you can stack vintage suitcases or hatboxes for a small end table. Ladders are perfect places to drape extra bedding or stack books.

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