Monday, May 30, 2011

Decorating Ideas For Bistro Design

Wrought-iron and red accents are part of a bistro design.

Bistros are cozy, with a distinctly European feel. Perfectly decorated, they should evoke a feeling of friendly, casual dining. The bistro design is used in kitchens, as the word bistro (originating from the French word "bistrot") refers to a small, unpretentious restaurant. Decorating ideas for bistro design include warm, bright colors, wrought iron, cafe-style furniture, and accents such as grape designs or wine themes. Does this Spark an idea?


Bistros usually have at least one bright accent color, such as yellow or red, coupled with warm neutrals, such as rich browns and creams. Try painting your walls a medium shade of brown, with one red accent wall. Place a bowl of yellow lemons on the counter or in the middle of the table. Alternately, use a vase of yellow daisies. For even more color, add a throw rug under the table in your chosen accent colors.


To create an authentic bistro feel, choose a black wrought-iron table and four matching chairs. This should be a small, cafe-style table. For a more modern bistro look, choose an equally small black counter-height square table and chairs made from wood. A third option is a green wrought-iron set instead of black. Whichever you choose, warm it up with colorful cushions on each chair. In addition, if you have the space, place an armoire with glass doors in the room and display colorful ceramic crockery on the shelves.


The rooster is a symbol commonly found in French country design. Try displaying a wooden or ceramic rooster on top of an armoire or buffet. Place a series of colorful ceramic plates on plate holders along a shelf. Hang posters from wineries on the wall, and hang some cafe curtains in the windows. Display your favorite wines on a countertop wine rack and drape some silk grapevines over the curtain rod.

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