Thursday, May 5, 2011

Design Drawings Of An Adirondack Chair & Stool

Gather reference images of Adirondack furniture

To design a drawing for an Adirondack chair and stool, you need a good eye for detail and the imagination to perceive a functional object from a different design perspective. You do not need to be a great designer but you do need the drawing skill to be able to conceptualize your idea onto a piece of paper.


1. Find images of different versions of Adirondack chairs and stools to use as research for your own design. Observe how the furniture is constructed. Notice the differences between the designs. Think how you can create a different design perspective.

2. Create a small abstract design. Rule a 6-inch square in your sketchbook using a pencil and ruler. Draw an abstract image. Be spontaneous while listening to music allowing your pencil to follow the rhythm of the music to help you create an abstract pattern. Be free, expressive and random in your technique. Apply a color medium of your choice: color pencils, art marker pens, wax crayons, Indian inks or paint. Alternatively, cut out different paper shapes using your assorted colored paper. Arrange the shapes within the square. Glue the shapes down to create an abstract mood square on which to base your furniture design. Add to your abstract image by gluing down an arrangement of craft matchsticks to add depth and slat-like patterns of interest, perfect to use within your furniture design.

3. Create studies of specific sections of your furniture before drawing your complete design. Draw a front and back view perspective of the back rest. Do the same with the other aspects: the seat, the arm rests and the separate stool. Add specific design details such as how the slats are positioned and any decorative detail you may wish to incorporate into your design. Be inventive. Use your abstract mood square to find an inspiring pattern for you to use within your design. Think outside of what is expected. Create your own version of an Adirondack chair and stool.

4. Draw your whole chair and stool designs using your individual studies. Draw your chair and stool from different perspectives, from the front, back, side and at a three-quarter angle. Use reference images of other chairs to help you draw these views.

5. Apply color to your furniture design using a medium of your choice. Add pencil notes to your designs to specify the scale of your chair and specific design features, for instance glass holder or padded armrests. Indicate what materials should be used to construct the furniture, like wood, metal or plastic.

6. Create a finished design of your Adirondack chair and stool in a garden setting. Rule a large rectangle onto a fresh page of your sketchbook. Draw two or three Adirondack chairs and stools from different angles and arrange them so they are centrally placed on the page. Apply color to the chairs and color in the background such as green to suggest grass. Alternatively, be more creative and draw in some background detail to suggest a porch or to include shrubbery or flowers to set your chairs within a more attractive setting.

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