Friday, May 6, 2011

Cast A Pedestal For Outdoor Art

Cast a Pedestal for Outdoor Art

The pedestal for a sculpture functions to present the sculpture in its best way. A pedestal stabilizes and supports the sculpture. Often pedestals are simple geometric forms such as cylinders or rectangular blocks, constructed from materials that harmonize with the sculpture and environment. A pedestal can contrast with or complement the purpose of the sculpture. Here is cast one that can display art outdoors.


1. Decide on your material. You can cast concrete, iron or steel. You'll need to melt iron or steel and pour the molten metal into a mold. Using concrete is the simplest way to cast a pedestal for outdoor sculpture.

2. Get a form. Hardware stores carry cardboard forms used for deck footings. These are cylindrical in shape and you can cut the form with a handsaw. You can also buy plastic or waxed cardboard molds.

3. Mix the concrete with water until it's the right consistency. Place the form on an even, smooth surface. Pour the concrete into the form. Tap the sides of the form to get rid of air bubbles.

4. Top off the form and let the concrete dry for 48 hours. Then carefully peel the form off the pedestal and let the concrete cure for one week.

5. Finish with a weatherproof paint. Coat the pedestal with concrete sealer to help protect it.

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