Thursday, May 26, 2011

Date Antique Iron Beds

Date Antique Iron Beds

Antique iron beds are a beautiful addition to any room. In order to date antique iron beds you need to be a detective. This process will involve interviewing witnesses, examining photographs and identifying markings and symbols. Follow these simple steps to date an antique iron bed. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Read about antique iron beds. This will help you to link specific styles and designs with specific periods of time, specific furniture movements, specific manufacturers and specific locations.

2. Ask the owner if they know anything about the iron bed. This can at least give you a date range and possible place of origin to work with.

3. Take several photographs of the bed including a front view, side view and rear view. You will also want to take close up shots of special details like flourishes, golf leaf, gilding and identifying marks and insignias.

4. Compare your photographs to images in your reference books. Try to date the antique iron beds by matching your photographs to a style of bed in your reference books.

5. Examine the bed for date markings. Some manufacturers included a cast impression of their company emblem and a date. These can be used to date the bed.

6. Examine the size of the bed. Most pre-19th century beds are going to be larger than singles. This is because people slept together to stay warm and to save money on furnishings. If you are looking at an antique bed that is a single and that also has a plain design then chances are it is not a pre-19th century bed. However, it could be older if the bed is a single and lavishly embellished.

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