Friday, May 6, 2011

Front Door Lighting Ideas

Illuminate your front door to welcome guests and add an element of security.

A well lit front door will dress up the front of your home and help ward off unsavory nighttime activity. Whether you choose a hanging lantern, lamp posts, solar lights or landscape lighting, options exist to suit any home exterior. Update your front door with lighting to complement existing elements and style. For a new look altogether, experiment with painting the door or changing the hardware to match that of the lighting. Does this Spark an idea?


Lanterns are a common option for lighting your front door. Whether you choose to hang one or a combination of lanterns, they provide bright unfiltered light. One idea is to hang three lanterns in a vertical row next to your door. Affix the top one in line with the top of the door and stagger the other two. Or, hang one on each side of the door for a classic look. Hanging lanterns are another option for a bright source of light for your front door. Choose from wrought iron, metal, wood and glass designs and hang it directly above the door.

Lamp Posts

Depending on the size of your property and entry way, you can add a single lamp post or more, as a source of light for your front door. Install one lamp post at the edge of your driveway and another one close to the front door to create a welcoming circle of light. Whether you choose a classic design in wrought iron or a modern wooden variety, lamp posts provide light to enhance your door. Look for different designs, some of which include hooks for hanging a plant or an address sign.

Solar Lighting

Light up the path to your front door with a series of solar lights. Intermittently place the lights on either side of the path and up to the door. Solar lights store light energy during the day and emit it throughout the night with a soft LED glow. A wide range of products are available with different colors and styles. Solar lights can be combined with lanterns, lamp posts, patio lanterns and landscape lighting to create a varied, inviting look especially important when entertaining.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be used to illuminate features on your property - sculptures, fountains, a tree - and they can also be used to brighten a dull doorway. Point one light at the front door and test it to find the right angle. For instance, take care to bypass any windows on the front of your home, or you might encounter an unsightly spotlight effect indoors. This works best if you angle another light at a feature on your property. For instance, your address posted on a sign or etched into a decorative boulder.

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