Friday, May 20, 2011

Prevent Ironing Board Wall Marks

Old Faithful

An ironing board is handy and hardy. A good board lasts for years. But in that time its feet and cover can mark the wall repeatedly where it is hanging or leaning. Here is quickly and easily prevent this damage. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Check the wall where the ironing board is making marks. If the ironing board cover is worn and spotted with starch, it may be sticking to the wall. A worn cover can also expose the pad. A deteriorating pad can leave wall marks. Wash or replace the cover.

2. `The ironing board may have non-slip feet that are dirty. A general purpose cleaner designed for rubber or vinyl will clean off the grime and dirt. Some ironing boards have feet with rubber caps. If the caps are split or feel soft and sticky, they should be replaced with new caps. Many hardware and home improvement stores can provide new caps.

3. If the ironing board has a cord guide, it can stick out and scar the wall. If the cord guide is not used, remove it. A small screw or other fastener usually holds the clamp in place. Loosen the fastener to remove the guide. If the cord guide is used, remember to turn the long side away from the wall to protect the guide and the wall.

4. Slide a clean old t-shirt in a small or medium size over the folded ironing board to cover the feet and the ironing board cover. This means that whether the ironing board is put flat side or feet side against the wall, it will lean on the t-shirt and not mark or stick to the wall. A child's decorative pullover shirt is inexpensive and can brighten up an old board. Just pull it over the folded board. Seasonal shirts at markdown prices can give the storage corner a colorful boost.

5. CASE: A pillowcase is another excellent ironing board protector. Use a decorative case to color match the décor of your laundry room or to hide a worn ironing board. Your wall and ironing board will both benefit from the fabric shield. Happy ironing!

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