Friday, November 15, 2013

Aluminum Pipe Projects

Aluminum piping is a useful material for home and automotive projects.

Although aluminum piping is used most often for industrial or construction applications, homeowners and auto enthusiasts have adapted the material for common household uses. Using aluminum piping can save money and be a lighter alternative to steel or iron piping. Aluminum piping is available in various diameters from 2-inch to 12-inch, and it is available with the ends already threaded for use with couplers. Does this Spark an idea?


Try aluminum piping in the garden.

At home gardeners use aluminum piping for boarders around garden beds. The material is also light enough to be used as a trellis for vine tomatoes and other climbing plants. Lengths of pipe can be connected and angled by fastening cut tennis balls to either end. This helps keep the structure solid but usually only lasts for the growing season.

Truck Rack

Metal shops can create truck racks from aluminum piping.

With the ability to bend the piping, resourceful metal shops produce automotive accessories. Truck racks from anodized aluminum are used to carry materials, and provide a platform for moving long or heavy objects. The aluminum piping is light enough to have a smaller effect on gas mileage than a heaver steel rack, and durable enough to carry the load.


Radio users create steel-framed antennas from aluminum piping.

Ham radio enthusiasts and CB radio fans use aluminum tubing to create the structure to support antennas from residential roofs. These extended antennas help boost the signal receive by the device, and the tubing has the strength to withstand the winds generated in most areas of the country. Sturdy frames allow radio and CB antennas the support they need. Before undertaking this project, check local building code restrictions on antenna heights allowed in your area.

Canopy Bed

Aluminum tubing can be used to create canopy bed frames or side tables.

Interior furnishings like canopy beds and bedside tables are traditionally made from wrought iron. Aluminum tubing is a lightweight alternative that adds a modern look to the room. Fasteners are available for threaded lengths of tubing, and by constructing a simple frame, decorator options are only limited by imagination.

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