Friday, November 22, 2013

Decorate A Church With Candelabras

Use candelabras for a dramatic decoration.

Candelabras make good focal points in a decorating scheme. For your next church ceremony, create lots of drama and ambiance with tabletop and freestanding candelabras. Save some money on decorating by renting candelabras from equipment rental companies. Consider the color and style of the candelabras. Black wrought iron candle holders look nice in a rustic church. Gold-toned or pewter finishes are also good choices for candelabras.


1. Place standing candelabras at the end of each church aisle. Place them close to the front of the church, out of the walkways.

2. Hang flower cages over empty candelabras.

3. Layer the cage with greenery like palm fronds. Zip tie the greenery to the floral cage.

4. Add flowers to the candelabras and attach them to the floral cages with zip ties.

5. Place taper candles on the candelabra. Press the candles down into the base carefully. Light the candles a few minutes before the ceremony or service.

6. Lay a table runner on the altar and communion table.

7. Set the candelabras on the table runner. Add candles to the candelabras, pressing them down gently into the candleholder.

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