Thursday, November 14, 2013

Entrance Wooden Door Styles

This door gives you the best of both worlds: it's dutch style with an arched top.

While many people like to focus on the color of their homes or the style of interior of the house, many forget the importance of the front door. Too many underestimate the power of the front door and the profound effect that it can have on the appearance of your home. Take your time when selecting a front door style as there are many to choose form. Does this Spark an idea?

Rounded Arch Top Doors

Rounded arch top doors were a staple of Gothic and Tudor architectural styles and also common in French domestic architecture, as Camille Enlart states in her book, "Gothic Art and the Renaissance in Cyprus." Rounded arch top doors can immediately give any home a quaint, cozy effect, practically reminiscent of a home in a fairytale. With simple hardware and wrought iron fixtures the door can easily have a rustic quality. However, such doors, particularly those with ornate carvings and dark woods can look regal, stately and typical of Gothic style.

Craftsman Doors

Craftsman doors have the elegant simplicity, distinctive of the style. Such doors usually feature a small rectangular window at the top; sometimes the window is a single pane of glass, other times it could consist of several panes. The remainder of the door often contains a long "T" shaped carving that gives the door shape and texture. The design is not fussy but has a stately appearance that is ideal for a craftsman style home.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are decidedly rustic and add a distinctive look to the front entrance of your home. Dutch doors consist of a door made of upper and lower halves, and are commonly seen in vintage farmhouses. Such doors give you the freedom of allowing fresh air into your home, without the danger of kids or pets wandering outside or the fear of squirrels, raccoons or other critters getting inside. Some Dutch doors consist of two wood parts whereas other Dutch doors have glass panels in the upper part made of a variety of different shapes such as half-moons or a series of separate panes.

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