Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recycle Scrap Iron

Recycling scrap iron is a common practice that helps save materials from going to landfills.

Scrap iron recycling is a common practice people do to make money, to save the earth and to get rid of things. Ferrous items are any type of metal containing iron. Scrapyards are businesses that buy ferrous metals. They also buy non-ferrous metals; which are metals containing no iron. To recycle scrap iron, some steps must be followed. Scrapyards typically buy any items or scrap that is metal based. This includes items such as scrap steel, old appliances and lawnmowers, pop cans, aluminum rims and so much more. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Sort the scrap iron. Sorting is an important step when recycling all types of metals. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass are worth more money than ferrous-based scrap. Scrap iron is any form of iron, tin or steel. Most scrapyards also have different categories when it comes to iron. Certain types of sizes of iron are worth more money. Most scrapyards pay a premium for scrap that is considered prepared. Prepared scrap iron to most companies is iron that is in pieces smaller than 5 feet by 2 feet. They are willing to pay more because they do not need to prepare the steel for shipment.

2. Bring the scrap to a local scrapyard. If you have a lot of scrap, such as a truckload, the person in charge of the scale will have you pull onto it. Most scrapyards have huge scales that weigh cars and trucks. The scale operator weighs the loaded truck and sends them on their way. Someone in the scrapyard then unloads the scrap and the customer is sent back on the scale for an empty weight. If a person only brings in a small amount of scrap, someone in the scrapyard will most likely take the scrap and weigh it on a smaller scale.

3. Get paid for the scrap. After the scrap is weighed, it's time to collect payment for it. Scrap iron prices are based on tonnage. If you brought in a half of ton, you will get paid half the price of a full ton. The scale operator or office worker will ask for a state ID, calculate the price and pay you in full on the spot.

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