Monday, November 11, 2013

Paint A Pool Table

Pool tables are a fun addition to any game room and can be a centerpiece of decor with their rich wood finishes and elegant style. Painting a pool table is a relatively easy process made difficult only by the labor and man hours needed to do it right.


1. Remove the pockets with the screwdriver.

2. Sand off the previous finish with the largest grain sandpaper. This is a key step that will take most of your time.

3. Use finer sandpaper to smooth out the surface when you reach the original wood. Clean off the dust and wood with a damp rag.

4. Apply coats evenly on all wood surfaces with a brush if using paint. Apply several coats and allow it to dry.

5. Apply stains by rubbing them into the wood with a rag if using stain. Apply several coats and allow it to dry. Wood stains will give a more brilliant display of the wood's grain.

6. Brush on a lacquer to protect the paint/stain and to add shine. Allow to dry before placing pockets and felt on.

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