Monday, November 4, 2013

Mesa Arizona Pool Fence Regulations

A protective pool fence is required in Arizona to prevent drowning.

Arizona has some of the strictest pool fence laws of any state in the nation. The laws are in place for a good reason --- to prevent drowning. Pools are common in backyards, at hotels and motels, and in apartment communities. The state pool fence law, which was passed in 1991, covers the entire state, but each city or county has the flexibility to impose its own regulations, as long as it meets or tightens the statewide restrictions.

Height of Pool Fencing

The fence chosen for the pool must be at least five feet high. The siding for the fence can be any obstructive material, whether the vertical railings are metal or the fence is made from wood. Synthetic fabrics can be used for pool fencing as long as they are sturdy enough to keep children from cutting them or tipping them over.

Gate Requirements

The gate must have a self-closing mechanism that latches automatically. The gate has to be five feet tall. A self-closing gate should automatically close within a second after the person has walked through it.

The latch for the gate must be 54 inches off the ground and must be on the inside of the gate. The release for the latch has to be six inches below the top of the gate, and there can be no openings larger than 1/2 inch within two feet of the gate on all sides.

Holes, Handholds and Openings

Make sure that the fencing material cannot be climbed using either handholds or footholds. Fences that use vertical posts cannot have posts that are apart four inches or more.

Alternatives to Pool Fences in Mesa, Arizona

The City of Mesa has two alternatives for households with small children that cannot install a fence. The first is to install door alarms on all doors that have direct access to the swimming pool. The alarm has to go off within seven seconds of opening, and it must sound for 30 seconds after it is activated. The switch to deactivate the alarm has to be 54 inches off the floor.

The homeowner can install a pool cover that is automatically activated using a key. The activation switch has to be located 54 inches above the ground.

Doors and Windows Within Five Feet of the Pool

Windows that are within five feet of the swimming pool must use safety glass, and doors must have alarms meeting the requirements in the previous section.

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