Friday, November 1, 2013

Paint Wroughtiron Furniture

Paint Wrought-Iron Furniture

Most wrought iron furniture is for outdoor use, and becomes weathered and unsightly over time, if not stored inside during harsh weather. The paint will also fade from overexposure to the sun and elements during summertime use. There’s no need to go to the expense of replacing the wrought iron furniture year after year. A can of spray paint and some work will make it look as good as new!


1. Work on your project in an enclosed area, but be sure to have plenty of ventilation. Remove any wood, plastic or cloth surfaces from the wrought iron. A screw driver will usually do the trick . This is a good time to replace any of these parts, as well.

2. Take the wrought iron sections apart. This will ensure a good cleaning and paint coating for all surfaces. Place all of the nuts, bolts and screws into a sealed container so they don’t get lost. You may even want to take them to the hardware store to replace if they are rusty.

3. Use wire brushes to clean all surfaces of the wrought iron. A little one is great for brushing out the tiny crevices and scroll work on the wrought iron sections. Make sure you have removed all rust, dirt and flaking paint.

4. Take the pieces outside and spray them down with the garden hose to remove the dust from wire brushing them. Run your hand over the surfaces to make sure they are smooth. Let them dry in the sun before attempting to paint them.

5. Attach the spray paint handle to the spray paint can. The handle is easier to use than holding your finger on the spray can button. Shake the can thoroughly and begin to paint one of the sections.

6. Rest each section on the work surface that has been covered with newspaper. Use small blocks of wood to prop it up, if necessary. Spray the sections in a back and forth motion. Keep moving or you will create runs in the paint. Let the sections dry and turn them over and repeat spraying on the other side.

7. Inspect the dry sections. Touch up any areas that you missed and let that dry. Reassemble the wrought iron furniture using your new nuts, bolts or screws. Reattach any wood, plastic or cloth parts.

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