Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Decorate A Bistrostyle Kitchen

A bistro-style kitchen brings the sophisticated elements of European living together with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Channeling French and Italian bistro styles into your kitchen will make guests eager to sit down and enjoy a pastry or decedent glass of wine, while enjoying the exquisite company and atmosphere. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Select a warm color palette. Buttery yellow or dusty tan on the walls combined with red and orange accents and black furniture will create a distinctly European bistro look.

2. Choose wrought iron furniture for any pieces needed in your kitchen. Stools, tables, and a baker's rack in black wrought iron will look as though they belong at a sidewalk café.

3. Install café curtains in the windows in a light, airy fabric. You may want to use white to add a lighter element to the bright colors already in the kitchen.

4. Incorporate the delicious regional food of your favorite European country into your décor. Mount a wine rack and decorate with grape motifs, or focus on a variety of fresh produce and cheeses. Include these elements in the artwork in your kitchen. Keep a basket of fresh bred on hand, or a bowl spilling over with plump grapes and other fruits.

5. Use brightly colored accent pieces. In a kitchen, all of your plates, mugs, wine glasses, serving dishes and other dinnerware can become accent pieces in your decorating theme. Set a rack for your coffee mugs on the counter if their color adds to your décor, or prop serving plates up along a shelf to display when not in use.

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