Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Will Make Spray Paint Stick To Glass

What Will Make Spray Paint Stick to Glass?

Glass is a naturally smooth surface that expands and contracts slightly with temperature changes. This can cause spray-painted coatings to crack or creep. The naturally smooth surface of glass also makes it difficult to keep paint from cracking and delaminating. Choose a spray paint that will tolerate these conditions or prepare the surface carefully for maximum paint adhesion.

Clean the Glass

Most spray paints will stick to glass. Make sure the glass has been cleaned carefully and is free of any oils, moisture, debris or fingerprints. Use a glass cleaner or solvent that will evaporate completely, and make sure the glass is completely dry before painting. If possible, test the paint on a small area before proceeding with the entire project. Clean and spray, then let the paint dry per manufacturer's instructions. If the paint flakes or chips, remove the paint with an appropriate solvent and try another spray paint.

Choose the Best Paint

The spray paint should not be affected by atmospheric moisture--this will cause it to expand or contract depending on humidity. This will cause cracking and delamination of the paint. Check with the manufacturer to see if the particular paint you want to use is recommended for glass. If the object is going to be handled, make sure you choose a high-durability paint specifically designed for glass. Unless specified by the manufacturer, no paint should be used on surfaces that will contact food or beverages. There are a variety of commercially available paints that provide special effects on glass.

Prime or Etch the Surface

Roughening the surface of the glass will make any paint stick more effectively. Glass can be etched chemically with different commercial preparations. There are also paint primers that are specifically designed for glass that will allow spray paints to stick more effectively.


Glass is also typically sand-blasted or frosted to make paint stick more permanently. This is a job for large-scale projects and is typically undertaken by professionals. After applying any spray paint to any glass surface, make sure it is allowed to dry out of direct sunlight to avoid uneven drying and creeping or wrinkling.

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