Friday, November 29, 2013

Decorate A French Bistro

Use warm tones when decorating your bistro-style kitchen.

The words "French bistro" conjure up images of a warm kitchen environment, tasteful d cor, cozy conversations, steaming coffee and freshly baked bread. Bistros are small cafes in European countries that feature simple but inviting designs and eye-catching d cor. If visiting a bistro in France is out of your budget, consider transforming your kitchen into a personal bistro or an inviting space for family and friends. Set a budget so you know your limit before visiting a home store and purchasing essentials for the project. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Tile the floor in the traditional checkerboard theme. Install black and white square tiles to create the checkerboard effect. Remove existing flooring and level the ground before installing the tiles. Alternatively, spread inexpensive linoleum sheeting over the floor to create the effect or use black and white carpet tiles.

2. Paint the walls a warm color such as deep or buttery yellow, terra cotta, dusty tan or pale olive green. Using paintbrushes and rollers, apply one coat of paint and leave to dry before applying another coat. Alternatively, paint all but one wall and paste warm-toned wallpaper on it to break the monotony and add warmth.

3. Paint the cabinets a coordinating color to create harmony and bring the design element together. Depending on personal preference, paint the cabinets the same color as the walls or a complementary color. You can remove the fronts of the cabinets and replace with chicken wire so your antique French ceramic dishes are visible.

4. Place wrought iron or wicker furniture in your kitchen, including chairs around a table, stools next to the counter, and a baker's rack.

5. Hang mounted paintings of coffee, a restaurant, wine or caf on the walls to give the space a bistro-like ambiance. Alternatively, paint cheese, espresso, baguettes and French wine if you are artistic.

6. Suspend string lights to enhance the look of the bistro, or use pendant lamps that direct light downward. Depending on personal preference and the look you want to achieve, use clear, colored, frosted or opaque glass.

7. Display bistro items strategically in the space. For instance, place baguettes or French rolls in a bread box or basket and place over the counter. Display ceramic pitchers, bottles and dishes in the bistro to add warmth and color to the space. Add colorful pottery, dishware and canisters to open cupboards. Hang a wooden or ceramic rooster on a prominent wall.

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