Monday, March 9, 2009

Aluminum Fence Vs Wrought Iron

Choosing a fence for your home should be done with much care and consideration. It is much different than choosing paint for a room that you can change from year to year. It is a decision that will last for many more years. Two of the more popular types of fences are the aluminum fence and the wrought iron fence. Does this Spark an idea?

Advantages of an Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is known for being more maintenance free than other types of fences. An aluminum fence never needs to be painted because you can choose the color of your fence from day one. Another advantage is the myriad styles that you can select that will help in matching the theme of your home. Also, you have a choice in the quality of the aluminum. You can choose from more affordable residential quality up to the more expensive but endurable industrial grade.

Advantages of a Wrought Iron Fence

If you anticipate heavy usage and lots of wear and tear, then a wrought iron fence might be your best option. A wrought iron fence is known for taking on much more heavy usage and can last for many more years than traditional fencing. Another advantage of a wrought iron fence is that it has much more personality and style than other fences. These fences are often seen in historic districts.

Disadvantages of an Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is more prone to damage than a wrought iron fence. Aluminum is not built with same heavy duty metal as a wrought iron fence. Installation can also be a disadvantage, as an aluminum fence requires many more specialized tools to install it than other types of fences.

Disadvantages of a Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence has very little flexibility and is not ideal for a landscape that has a steep grade. Production costs can also be a disadvantage, as a wrought iron fence is on the expensive end. Cost is something to seriously consider if money is much more important to you than style or curb appeal.

The Ultimate Choice

If style and long-term endurance are more important to you, then a wrought iron fence is the best choice. If having a nice looking fence at a much cheaper cost is important to you, then you should really consider the benefits of an aluminum fence. Ultimately, most people will make their decision according to the budget that they have set aside for the project.

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