Monday, March 2, 2009

Choose A Wall Mirror

Choose the right wall mirror for your needs.

Wall mirrors are functional elements in rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms, but they can also be a design element in other parts of the house, helping to create the illusion of a bigger room. If placed correctly, a wall mirror can cleverly reflect an outdoor scene or a detail of the house that otherwise might go unnoticed. Choosing the right wall mirror requires consideration of the area it will be hung, the size and purpose of your mirror. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Determine the purpose for your wall mirror. A bathroom or bedroom mirror usually will be used for checking your appearance, so a full-length mirror might be appropriate. The placement of your mirror also can affect the types of materials acceptable for the frame. For example, an untreated wood frame won’t hold up well in a damp area like the bathroom.

2. Consider the shape and orientation of your mirror. Mirrors can be cut to almost any shape, so you need to decide if you want a round, rectangular, oval or hexagonal mirror. Vertical or horizontal orientations are also to be considered. A wall mirror over a hall table might fit with a horizontal orientation, while a bedroom mirror might be suited for a vertical orientation.

3. Think about the appropriate size. A large mirror really can open up a small room, while a series of small, round mirrors simply can be an attractive design element on a wall. Practical mirrors, such as those over bathroom vanities, ideally should be large enough to view your whole head and upper torso.

4. Decide on the framing material. This is one of the most important decisions when choosing a wall mirror, as it can alter the mirror's style. Wood is a popular choice for framing, with variations such as driftwood frames or shabby chic frames. Gilded frames give an opulent, regal feel to a wall mirror, while steel frames can embody all that is modern and industrial. Other framing options include mosaic work, painted glass and wrought iron. Or you can even have the mirror edges rounded and opt for no frame at all-this is a very simple, minimalist approach.

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